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Tillicoultry Parish Church aims to be a church of the whole community; a place where those who have faith and those who have yet to find it or renew it can come together as a family of God's children; a place where all will be received with tolerance, understanding and friendship.


Coronavirus Update

We are sure that everyone will welcome the news today that we move into Phase three. Part of that announcement was the fact that churches will be given permission to open for worship earlier than expected, on 15th July. We understand that many people are wanting to get back to church or indeed to attend for the first time, and we just want to let you know what our plans are. Our Kirk Session has been looking at the matter for some time, in preparation and have taken the decision that we will not begin to make preparations to reopen for congregational worship until we reach Phase Four. Our decision is based on best advice, a need to ensure we have all measured in place to ensure a safe return and a desire to ensure that we can provide an experience of worship which, although it will be very different to what has gone before, will be meaningful and helpful.

Attached is the letter which is being sent to all members this week, but we know it will be of interest to many other people. 

We look forward to being able to update you in the not too distant future and hopefully being able to gather once more as part of God's family in Tillicoultry



Informal Worship led by the Moderator of the Church of Scotland 2 Aaugust

In recent months, our Kirk Session consulted the congregation on the best time to have worship on a Sunday. I don't think we could ever come up with the solution we now have - enjoy our short act of worship on video each Sunday morning. 

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Light in the Darkness has been discontinued from 3rd July. To watch previous videos, visit us on Facebook Facebook


Join us in this very special Prayer

Our monthly Congregational prayer for August is below and we would encourage you to use it each day. 

August Prayer



Just a thought to ponder on this day
when what wethought could never happen, has
and public worship has been suspended:

Christ’s Church is not closed!
The doors may be shut and locked
 the lights out in the building up the street
But the Church isn’t closed.

We may be told to stay at home, self isolate,
We may be ill or too frail to come,
We may be disillusioned with the institution, or with God
But the Church isn’t closed

The Church cannot close because it is not a building.
The church is YOU, and me, and every child of God
Who feels the tug of His love and senses His presence, 
Even in the darkness, even in loneliness,
Even in fear or sorrow.

The Church is open, though the building is closed.
It will stay open as long as His children stay open to God, 
And seek his presence wherever they may be
This day Christ says to you,
“I am with you always”.

So take this moment to enjoy his companionship,
To be still, to give thanks and to hand over your cares
And know that you do so in company with God’s family, 
not only in our building but all over the world.

Alison Britchfield 17 March 2020


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