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Tillicoultry Parish Church aims to be a church of the whole community; a place where those who have faith and those who have yet to find it or renew it can come together as a family of God's children; a place where all will be received with tolerance, understanding and friendship.


Coronavirus Update

On 17th March, in accordance with Church of Scotland guidelines, all Church activities, including Church services, were cancelled until further notice. Please check back here for updates.

We know that this may be a frightening time for many people. If you are feeling isolated and just want someone to chat, please message us your phone number or leave a message on 07415 683871 and someone from our church family will speak to you within 24 hours.

Please feel free to share this information with any vulnerable neighbours and friends. 

This offer of friendship and support is not just for church folk it's for anyone who could benefit.


At present, we are unable to meet as a congregation, but the life of the church is continuing, in worship, in prayer, in mission and in service. One positive is that we are in an age where technology allows us to keep in touch and we hope that the Sunday services and daily Light in the Darkness reflections are providing some comfort in these strange times.

We are conscious that a number of our members are worrying about their ability to continue their offerings for the ministry and mission of the Church, because they make their offering Sunday by Sunday. Should you wish to find an alternative way to make your offering, or if you are not a regular member but would like to make a donation, please personal message us, email or phone the manse 01259 750340 and we will do our best to advise you.



christian aid

Hello everyone and thank you to all who took part in our Christian Aid Virtual Soup Lunch on Sunday 10thMay. We received £435 in donations. If you have not donated yet and would like to you can follow the link on this page to the just giving page

Here's a “just for fun” Pointless style quiz that you might like to have a go at. Answers will be posted at the end of the week. Pointless is a quiz show that's been even more popular during lockdown. Here are some more famous people who have the same names as the presenters of the show. Can you name them?

Christian Aid Quiz - click here


Sunday Service for 24 May 2020

In recent months, our Kirk Session consulted the congregation on the best time to have worship on a Sunday. I don't think we could ever come up with the solution we now have - enjoy our short act of worship on video each Sunday morning. 

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small candle

Light in the Darkness. To watch a short, thoughtful and inspiring video message from our Minister each evening around 7.0 pm
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Look up.


Join us in this very special Prayer

Our monthly Congregational prayer for May is elow and we would encourage you to use it each day. 

May prayer



Just a thought to ponder on this day
when what wethought could never happen, has
and public worship has been suspended:

Christ’s Church is not closed!
The doors may be shut and locked
 the lights out in the building up the street
But the Church isn’t closed.

We may be told to stay at home, self isolate,
We may be ill or too frail to come,
We may be disillusioned with the institution, or with God
But the Church isn’t closed

The Church cannot close because it is not a building.
The church is YOU, and me, and every child of God
Who feels the tug of His love and senses His presence, 
Even in the darkness, even in loneliness,
Even in fear or sorrow.

The Church is open, though the building is closed.
It will stay open as long as His children stay open to God, 
And seek his presence wherever they may be
This day Christ says to you,
“I am with you always”.

So take this moment to enjoy his companionship,
To be still, to give thanks and to hand over your cares
And know that you do so in company with God’s family, 
not only in our building but all over the world.

Alison Britchfield 17 March 2020


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