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December 1

Advent Image


I’ve taken the time to plan the gifts and everything’s bought.  Now it’s time to get down to the chore I like least in the lead up to Christmas,  the wrapping.  For me wrapping up these parcels is a saga of lost things.  The presents are all there,  the paper,  the scissors, the labels, the Sellotape, the pen, the labels,  so let’s get started.  


The paper’s cut to the right size,  but where has the Sellotape gone?  Oh,  there it is? So where are the scissors you just put down a moment ago?


It’s neatly taped up,  but where,  of where have the labels gone?  And what about the pen?


And so it goes on……. Every single item you need gets lost in the clutter of struggling to get organised and doing it quickly.


It’s not just the trappings of wrappings that get lost in the run up to Christmas.  So often Jesus gets lost too,  swept aside in the rush,  hidden in the clutter of Christmas,  discarded with the debris. 


Each day this Advent-tide  a member of our congregation will be reflecting on what it means to them to keep Christ in Christmas.  Why not make a date to join us a pause to give thanks for the Gift?

Alison Britchfield