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Saturday 13

Sunday 14 April

Palm Sunday




Read John 19: 6, 15-17


“Past evil, and evil to be – all the sins of man, since the world began, are laid on thee.”


How often have we said “that was the cross he/she had to bear” when someone we know has had to deal with one of life’s traumas – illness, bereavement or family breakdown.

Can we follow the example of Christ and not wait passively, in the hope that we will never be faced with a cross to bear?

Where we see need, where we can make a difference by getting involved, where God shines a light on a cross that needs lifted – can we make that our cross? Can we accept it, and bear it?

If we can, be sure that the Lord will give us the strength to carry that load. 

Our actions will be an example to others and give us the satisfaction of feeling we have walked, even for a very short time, in the footsteps of the man from Galilee.

                                                                        Ewart McAuslane