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When we moved to Lanarkshire in the mid-1980s, my wife took our older two boys to Sunday School when she went to Church each week while I looked after the youngest one at home. I was what I would call a ‘lapsed’ Christian at the time.

One thing I did insist on, even then, was that if we sent Christmas cards to anyone, they should actually have something on the front which had something to do with the Christmas story– not robins or postboxes (even though I worked for Royal Mail!) or snow scenes, however cute or beautiful. My wife agreed with me and we have always done our best to continue in this way – preferably supporting a charity card company at the same time.

Now I am not suggesting that everyone should do the same, because not all of us can afford the luxury of cards which tend to be a little more expensive. However, in this age of commercialisation of everything to do with Christmas, it does seem one more way of hanging on to the ‘Christ’ in Christmas, if you can. 

Who knows, if sending such a card inspires the person who receives it to think or even ask about the original story (or even google it these days), then we have a chance to spread the story just a little further – and send all our good wishes as well.


Iain Ogilvie