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For as long as I can remember Christ has always been in Christmas.  When I was young,  Christmas was a family day.  We knew it was an extra special time, not just for the parties and the excitement of Santa. But for the gift of God sending his only son Jesus into the world to spread his message to all.


But now it’s very different.  People don’t seem to have time to stop and take notice; shops open all hours and for many the Christmas message is lost in the busy-ness of present buying; parties for young and old.  Then Christmas Day arrives and the excitement of presents and Santa is all too soon over.  


For me Christmas is a time for reflection of happy and sad times gone by,  none of which I would have gone through without faith in Christ and family and friends. Christ in Christmas is special for me because, as one carol says “Love came down at Christmas”. God sent his only son to earth to bring his Father’s love to the world.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone took an hour or two this Christmas season to spread a bit of love around and give thanks to God who is always there if we let Him be.


Isa Crawford.