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Christmas Day

Advent Image

As this Christmas morning broke, we raised our voices in song in the Parish Church.  “O come,  all ye faithful”,  we sang, as we gathered with family, friends and strangers; lifelong residents of the town,  incomers, visitors; folk who worship here week in and week out; others who are compelled for one reason or another to journey to this sanctuary on Christmas Eve;  others who may never have crossed the threshold before, but were drawn here last night.


“Yea Lord,  we greet Thee, born this happy morning”. – the words always send shivers down my spine,  as I sing them as a fresh new Christmas morning dawns and I look around at all who gather.  Who knows what brought such a mix of people together at such a point in history, but isn’t it wonderful that the child who caused the angels to sing,  can still inspire us to raise our voices;  that the babe who drew humble shepherds to his crib and the rich and the wise to their knees still has the power to pull us in.  


We may worry that Christmas is becoming more and more secular,  but CHRIST is the very root of CHRISTmas, and he will not be snuffed out.  May you and yours know his presence,  his peace and his hope today and on into the future.